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4 Star By Rahul T. on Jul 7, 2018 , RID: 087-4

Expected better quality

4 Star By Renil J. on Jul 7, 2018 , RID: 085-4


4 Star By Ravindra V. on Jun 6, 2018 , RID: 077-4


4 Star By Anurag G. on Jun 6, 2018 , RID: 069-4

Items was good. Shipping box was crushed. Average Service.

We do our level best in packing the box, But Indiapost handling is sometimes very bad.

4 Star By Vanora R. on May 5, 2018 , RID: 051-4

good material

4 Star By Ashish P. on Apr 4, 2018 , RID: 041-4

Bearings are really good

4 Star By Suraj D. on Mar 3, 2018 , RID: 036-4

Please improve courier facility

4 Star By harveer k. on Jan 1, 2018 , RID: 017-4

Everything was fine but delivery was too late

4 Star By Krishna M. on Jan 1, 2018 , RID: 018-4

Good stuff quality wise and prompt dispatch are the plus points. Two things may be taken as suggestions to improve:

  1. One piece of bolt was lesser in the package.
  2. Speed Post costed only Rs. 90 but I was charged Rs. 160 for it.

The extra amount is for packing charge + transport.

4 Star By Viren C. on Jan 1, 2018 , RID: 011-4

Nice product

4 Star By Vijayendra S. on Jan 1, 2018 , RID: 010-4

Product quality is good, but the thickness varied a lot in the bolts

4 Star By Viren C. on Jan 1, 2018 , RID: 002-4

Nicely packed and good quality

4 Star By Yatin V. on Dec 12, 2017 , RID: 089-4

Better if you provide one day shipping.

4 Star By Apoorv S. on Dec 12, 2017 , RID: 086-4

Delivery time was fine

4 Star By Ashutosh P. on Dec 12, 2017 , RID: 082-4

I was looking for the Wing Nuts for a DIY project. While searching the net for them, I came across this website. I ordered the sliding type of nuts from the site. The item was delivered promptly. The packing was very good. I have not used the item so far, but the general appearance is very good. I would have given 5 stars if the technical properties of the item were listed or at least the brand was mentioned. This is important for me because I make items which are powered and hence safety is a big issue. I hope the people in charge continue to improve the shop and ultimately equal or exceed foreign web shops.

Thanks for your valuable feedback, we will try to include the detailed spec on poducts page on possible cases.

4 Star By Ashutosh P. on Dec 12, 2017 , RID: 083-4

I needed good quality wing nuts for a project. I had ordered from another site but the nuts were of a poor quality. The wing nuts from DIY India are of a very good quality. The item was packed nicely and delivered promptly. Thanks! Hope you guys add some technical literature about the products you supply. That will make it easy for serious DIY guys to select and buy from you. If that happens you get 5 stars.

Thanks for your valuable feedback, due to lack of resource we are not able to create howto’s and guides, but we include in our todo list for future.

4 Star By Mohankumar K. on Nov 11, 2017 , RID: 076-4

the item was received in good condition and found ok

4 Star By Rajesh J. on Nov 11, 2017 , RID: 073-4

The spacers look and feel sturdy enough. Though I felt they are slimmer than the ones available in local market.

4 Star By Munesh S. on Oct 10, 2017 , RID: 053-4

Item reached properly with some defect

Please send us the photo of the defect to our support email, we will do our level best to fix it.

4 Star By Prakash D. on Oct 10, 2017 , RID: 048-4

Good quality components.

4 Star By K S. on Oct 10, 2017 , RID: 047-4

Good item

4 Star By S. D. on Sep 9, 2017 , RID: 025-4

Received all the items in good condition, well packed. There was no communication on the despatch. Which made me wonder if I would receive the items in time. I would have appreciated more had I received some despatch details.

Thanks for your feedback, we will take your suggestion and do our best to integrate them in our system.

4 Star By Pretesh J. on Aug 8, 2017 , RID: 015-4

Good Products … well Packaging … Got it on time

4 Star By Praveen G. on Jul 7, 2017 , RID: 130-4

good quality. value for money. easily available

4 Star By Narain R. on Jul 7, 2017 , RID: 126-4


4 Star By Nimit M. on Jun 6, 2017 , RID: 112-4

Good product however the transport method should be upgraded, rather than using india post, their should also be options of other transportation companies such as DHL, or FedEx or blue dart etc for faster transportation.

4 Star By Sattveer s. on Jun 6, 2017 , RID: 113-4


4 Star By Manish P. on Jun 6, 2017 , RID: 108-4



4 Star By Prakash p. on Apr 4, 2017 , RID: 083-4

The default delivery method followed by you, The service provider not delivered to the door step giving reason of package size and weight Requesting you to do the needful

4 Star By Dinesh V. on Mar 3, 2017 , RID: 066-4

Fast shipping and reasonable postage charges. I would have given 5 stars only if extrude were precision cut.