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3 Star By Arnab on Aug 8, 2018 , RID: 090-3

Not as image/info, not gold/nickel plated at all, raw metal… Risk of rusting… Buying as “Lot” would be value for money…

3 Star By Arnab on Aug 8, 2018 , RID: 091-3

Not as image, no rust coated, raw metal only… Risk of rusting… But smooth fastening…

3 Star By Adil H. on May 5, 2018 , RID: 053-3

one of switch was damaged…not working properly…

Get in touch with our support team for replacement.

3 Star By Kannan G. on Feb 2, 2018 , RID: 024-3

The PCB rises are of good quality but the quality of screws are not good. The screw head is not at all good

3 Star By Apoorv S. on Jan 1, 2018 , RID: 019-3

Thread rods are not straight

The MS rods get easily bent due to its small dia, it can be straightened. Please contact our tech support for help.

3 Star By Karthik S. on Jan 1, 2018 , RID: 004-3

ok, but costly

3 Star By Suresh K. on Dec 12, 2017 , RID: 096-3

Product finish is poor….. We also pay extra amount for precision finishing….. Customer service is too good….. Timing delivery is amazing…..

3 Star By Abhimanyu S. on Dec 12, 2017 , RID: 084-3

The M8 Threaded screw that i received wasn’t real M8 Threaded screw. It was just a normal threaded screw

Yes, its the normal threaded rods, M8 thread along its full length.

3 Star By Santhiya v. on Oct 10, 2017 , RID: 056-3

All the lead screw bought are bend and not straight

MS rods bend easily, you can straighten them if it is a minor bend, else get in touch with support team to return/replace the product

3 Star By Stephen B. on Sep 9, 2017 , RID: 032-3

Good quality,punctual delivery but expensive

3 Star By Sanjay P. on Feb 2, 2017 , RID: 029-3

One of the part (main frame, acrylic sheet) was broken from the corner during delivery. Apart from that all good.

3 Star By Ratnesh B. on Jan 1, 2017 , RID: 004-3

Good quality. But shaft holes are off center.

Eccentric spacer will have off center holes

3 Star By Ali S. on Dec 12, 2016 , RID: 209-3

every thing was fine except that the M5 threaded rods were bent during shipment. Please improve packaging for these type of products.

Due to very small diameter 5mm threaded rods will be curved, and not as straight as 8 or 10 mm threaded, but the rods should be still usable. Contact support for help

3 Star By Adithya B. on Sep 9, 2016 , RID: 172-3

The packing was not up to the mark, you are sending the package thru indian post so you should at least provide sturdy package.

The whole package was badly crumpled, luckily the product was not damaged this time.

So the next time add a better packing material and a fragile sticker would be necessary.

Other than that the product is good.

3 Star By Heta J. on Sep 9, 2016 , RID: 152-3

received on time but product is not optimum.

3 Star By Bais A. on Jul 7, 2016 , RID: 103-3

Nice product quality but slow delivery and nice customer care

3 Star By Madhusudhan R. on Jul 7, 2016 , RID: 101-3

Very expensive when compared to retail purchase

3 Star By Amrish B. on Jul 7, 2016 , RID: 100-3

It is of good quality and haven’t experienced any problems with it. would have loved ftdi rather than ch340

3 Star By Sreenivasan K. on Jul 7, 2016 , RID: 092-3


3 Star By Ashutosh B. on Jul 7, 2016 , RID: 090-3

Heavily over-priced products. Pls cut the cost of at least the nuts and bolts to the whole-sale rates.

3 Star By Ashutosh B. on Jun 6, 2016 , RID: 088-3

Very costly products.Pls lower the price a bit.

3 Star By Vijaya S. on Jun 6, 2016 , RID: 084-3

I ordered 2 numbers of the flexible coupling, one for me and one for my friend. But they have given only one allen key. Now my friend can not use his coupling since the only one allen key is with me. I don’t know if you offer only one allen key for any number of items ordered. But its a problem for me.

3 Star By Keerthi K. on Apr 4, 2016 , RID: 054-3

The Packaging was very good and the delivery was very fast. Received it the next day. However the product itself is not sturdy it is a very delicate product, considering it will be used continuously, do not feel it will last long. The belt too does not look very sturdy. Anyways will update after using them for a month or 2

3 Star By Mandar K. on Feb 2, 2016 , RID: 036-3


3 Star By Chaitanya S. on Oct 10, 2014 , RID: 012-3