The word DIY India stands for Do It Yourself India

Our Goal

DIY-India’s goal is to provide the Indian Makers quality products at affordable price with multiple options, fast and reliable delivery, and a trusted and convenient experience. Thus enabling the Indian makers community to invent/discover things that will change the world.

Who we are

DIY-India.com site is owned, engineered and operated by ASENSAR AUTOMATION PVT LTD an registered company by Indian Law. In August 2012 ASENSAR AUTOMATION was found as company to create products that simplifies human life, its when all begun.

In ASENSAR AUTOMATION we had to create lots of prototype, hence we want a 3D Printer. The 3D printers or kits in India were over priced or it costed a lot to ship to India. So we finally decided to build a RepRap 3D Printer ourself, but the components were not that easy to get and we had to deal with many dealer. Since ASENSAR AUTOMATION was a start up many companies/dealers were not interested in dealing with us, sometime we were forced to buy more than what we need or or pay more than the actual price. Some how we managed to build a 3D Printer for ourself. Like us there are lot student’s, startup’s, hobbyist, scientist, the list goes on.. We decided to make our inventory related to 3D printer on-line to the maker, so RepRap-India.com was launched on October 2013

As the time processed, we got lots of inquires not just related to 3D printing, also components and parts like electronics components, mechanical parts, raw materials, CNC components, etc.. That’s where we taught of supporting entire makers community, so to sound generic we changed the name of the site to DIY-India.com on August 2014

Made In India

From June 2014 we started manufacturing most of the parts that we sell on-line, except electronics, filaments and some complex parts like bearings. Since we make most parts, we will try to lower the price of every products as we go. When you buy products on DIY-India.com, you are supporting Made India by Indian’s product as well helping many Indian business and companies survive and grow.